Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reintroduction to the Blogosphere

Prom fashion shoot featuring model Kayla Marie Cromer from Halvorson Model Management:
As many of you that follow this blog may already know, I have not often updated it. I would like to announce my new commitment to publish a new one every Tuesday. That being said...I hope we gain more followers and feedback from them. Otherwise I am kind of talking to myself!
That being said, the first order of business is a fresh introduction. My name is Kimberly and I am the daughter of Debbie Hughes (owner of Girl-Lee Boutique). My involvment in running the family business has fluctuated as it has for my sister, Kendra, as well. Our boutique has been in business for 10 years and in that time we have all taken several detours on the road to our current standings. My history with Girl-Lee Boutique includes all sorts of job titles: sales assosiate, manager, buyer, marketing manager, model, stylist, custodian, security...well you get the idea. That is the way of owning your own business. As the saying goes, you learn to wear many hats... Perhaps there will be more on that in later blogs.
If you are wondering what my title at Girl-Lee is now, I will say I am the Online Business Manager (OBM)..hence the blogging. I feel this is a suitable position as I am a full time photographer for Cypress Photography resulting in unhealthy amounts of time on the computer. As a devoted follower of this blog, you can expect more photos than text. Pictures are worth a thousand words after all..not to mention I have poor grammar and my spelling is atrocious! (Don't worry I will have these proofed from now on.)
Girl-Lee Boutique has many new and exciting things coming up. I look forward to posting about them each Tuesday. Today, I would like to share my photos from this seasons prom line featuring model, Kayla Marie Cromer.
Before I post the photographs, allow me to introduce you to Miss Kayla. She first appeared on scene when she submitted her photo in our Girl-Lee model seach. (Sidenote: we do these once a year to find aspiring models and fresh faces to feature our designers). Shortly after our Prom shoot, she was signed with two modeling agencies! Due to her passion and talent, it has been such a pleasure to see her dreams come true . Kayla introduced Girl-Lee to stylist, Shae Lynn from VIP Socalite. Shae styled Kayla in several prom dresses by Sue Wong and Jasz Couture.
The flawless makeup is due to Julissa Guajardo from Oya Salon in Monterey, CA.  

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